Distance Education

A Guide to Distance Education

Distance Education that takes place when the instructor and student are separated by space and/or time. The gap between the two can be bridged through the use of technology.

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Admission Assistance

By providing an excellent mix of highly qualified faculty and unmatched course content, we ensure that our students are well prepared to step into this volatile corporate world and occupy positions.

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Summary of Programs

The educational impact of TCDE’s PULSE and year-long programs can be acutely demonstrated in three main areas: Technology-enhanced learning, Experiential learning, Project-based learning.

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TDCE (TRICHYCOLLEGE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION) is to contribute to the development of education, International understanding and global co-operation amongst the individuals and communities through active learning process as well as giving everyone. Uniform opportunity to come up with their skills by providing quality education to students from all strata of society.

CODE provides the cutting edge of teaching, learning, dedicated & integrated approach to learning and overcoming the conventional mode of learning by sensitizing the students to a unique learning process which would continue to pay dividends throughout their lives.

Holy Spirit Educational Trust offerings free coaching class for 10th & 12th Standards.

Free vocational course training for 8th - 12th STD (Pass/Fail ) Students. And we will give the free CNC training for Poor and unemployed Students.

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